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Michael Furia (born February 12, 1999) is a furry fan who loves to draw and work with computers.


Michael's fursona is a grey wolf with leucism (a condition which causes some loss of pigments, except in the eyes). His hair color is pure white, the same as his skin, and his eyes are an icy blue with a fog seemingly inside his eyes. His height is 7.9 ft. tall and his build is of a person who works out on a daily basis.

Michael is a very lovable kind of wolf, but getting on his bad side results in broken arms, broken legs, cutting off of certain areas, and death. He will never let go of his childhood stuffed animal, Lovey, for it is his most prized possession.

Michael works for the S.C.P.[clarify] Foundation, where he is a the leading commander (due to the fact that he asked for it). He himself is a S.C.P. numbered as scp-3001, due to him being saved and recreated as a cyborg wolf by the S.C.P. Foundation, with the power to become macro at will. His machinery is hidden beneath a skin replicating his own, and he has a birthmark on his chest signifying where his heart used to be.

His favorite shirt is of a white shirt with a heart in the middle, matched with dark blue jeans and a pure black golf cap if he feels the sun might get in his face. On most days, he can be seen with his black trench coat on and his face covered with a scarf, signifying he is on duty or not feeling up to talking.

Real life[edit]

In real life, Michael is an IT student, working up college credits at his career center and interested in both IT and Digital Arts.

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