Michael-Scot McMurry

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Michael-Scot McMurry
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Other names McMurry, McMoo
Born October 14, 1956
Birth place  ?
Date of death April 4, 2001
Death place Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Residence Arizona
Profession or hobby Furry artist, writer
Character species Unicorn
Convention GoH n/a
Michael-Scot McMurray at the 2000 San Diego Comic Con

Michael-Scot McMurry, or just McMurry, better known as McMoo, was an American furry artist and writer.

Fandom involvement[edit]

McMurry's nickname ("McMoo") came from the signature used on his artwork, "McMu", a truncation of his last name.

His name was suggested and given permission for use for the Michael-Scot McMurry Award for Conspicuous Integrity, an annual award to be given to a a person noted for her or his conspicuous integrity within the furry fandom, with is/her name engraved into the award, which bore Mike's name and Zonie's (his coyote character) likeness.


McMurry's avatar was a unicorn.

Convention attendance[edit]


McMurry contributed some art for the webcomic Ozy and Millie.[1]


McMurry was the creator of the comic strip Zonie, about a coyote with a bandana living in the wild desert. The strips could be found in back issues of Huzzah, Rowrbrazzle, Furthest North Crew and online, and was regularly featured in the MU Press comic, ZU. Before his passing, he was working towards getting the strip syndicated.

Zonie became the mascot of the now-defunct ZonieCon in Tucson, Arizona.


A benefit comic book, In The Zone, was published shortly before McMurry's death, featuring the work of many prominent furry artists of the time. He died from stomach cancer on April 4, 2001.[2][3]


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