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MeshGearFox, also known as A. Sojack, Ral, Aleph, and KeshaFox, is a genderqueer individual, 22 years old as of August 2007, who lives in the greater Cleveland area, U.S.A. MeshGearFox previously lived in Ada Township and Bowling Green, both in Ohio, as well as Gary, Indiana.


[edit] Characters

MeshGearFox primarily uses three characters.

[edit] The Meshgear Fox

The most commonly used alias on IRC and other chat programs. Its species is maned wolf. It is apparently partially mechanical and named after a Guided by Voices song, or from something Thurston Moore is reported to have said.

[edit] The Belldog

The Belldog is a gay, Swedish/Basque bulldog priest of sorts. The name comes from the combination of the English word 'dog' and the German word for barking, 'bellen'. The most frequently played character, has shown up on Furcadia, FurryMuck, and various smaller RPs. This is the only character which is used in fantastical or magical scenarios.

[edit] Kesha Hedron

Another maned wolf, Kesha is a castrato and a lacrosse player. He is not frequently used in RPs, and was in part inspired by an ex-roommate and Peter Lorre.

[edit] Other Info

MeshGearFox has written a 2000-some page long science fiction novel under the pseudonym Katherine F. Zavod. This is not published, and isn't online anywhere.

MeshGearFox understands some degree of German, Swedish, and Russian.

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