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Mephit Fur Meet 11, aka MFM11, the eleventh annual Mephit Furmeet, was held from August 31 to September 2, 2007, at the Holiday Inn Select at Memphis International Airport in Memphis, Tennessee. The theme for 2007 was "In 2007 comes 11", a reference to the game of Craps and Las Vegas, where Elvis Presley performed.[citation needed] Attendance was approximately 630, the fursuit parade had 94 participants, and the convention raised more than $9000 for Tiger Haven.

Guest of Honor[edit]

The guest of honor for 2007 was author Jim Lane.

Annual T-shirt design contest[edit]

CrssaFox was the winner of the popular vote for the T-shirt front design.

The winner of the T-shirt back design, selected by convention director Tyger Cowboy, was Laschita Whelan.


  • Akela Vincent proposed to AnimeCat during Friday's night's Karaoke event, much to the approval of the crowd. She said yes, of course. The two are tying the knot in October 2008.
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