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Badge art by Sock Corgi

Melvis Barksy (real name Marcus Moran) is a fursuiter and YouTuber who lives in Long Island, New York, USA.[1]


Melvis is a red and black timber wolf. He is young and cheeky, but very friendly and always does his best to keep up a smile. He can sometimes tend to be shy and nervous, as well as a bit short-tempered. He is also quite often goofy, silly, and a little clumsy. Despite this, he never ceases to try being polite and kind, always willing to brighten people's days. He's also a big lover of hugs.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Melvis' fursuit: original (left) and modified (right)

Marcus joined the furry fandom when he was fifteen years old in May 2016. He has made many friends since then and has gone to several conventions (mainly in the northeastern U.S. as of now due to money and traveling restrictions).


Marcus' fursuit was constructed by Kodimade in November 2016. Its first public debut was at Anthro New England 2017 and continues to appear at certain conventions. While wearing the fursuit, Marcus speaks in a high and jolly voice which often tends to crack (either purposely or unintentionally). His performance is almost always hyper, chipper, bouncy, and a bit clumsy.


Marcus made a few alterations to his fursuit shortly after Anthro New England due to two discovered issues; the facial expression on the head appeared to be too plain and rather under-expressive to him, and the body suit was too big and loose for him. To solve both issues, he added small bottom eyelids made of red paper and cut out pieces of fleece shaped into eyebrows, in order to give the face a much more jolly appearance. Marcus used to wrap either foam or polyfill around his arms and legs as padding underneath the bodysuit to make it fit better, but it was a slow process and would restrict his movement by a considerable amount. However, in October 2018, it was temporarily brought back to Kodimade for a downsize to Marcus's proper body measurements, and now, he doesn't need to go through the trouble of tons of movement-restricting padding.

V2 Fursuit[edit]

Marcus is considering getting a second fursuit of the same character, but it's currently undecided who the maker will be. He hopes to have it made by sometime in late 2019 or 2020.

Convention attendance[edit]

Marcus has attended:[2]


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