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Melvis Barksy is a red and black wolf fursona created and owned by 16 year old fursuiter and YouTuber Marcus Moran.

Badge art by Sock Corgi


Melvis loves to be bouncy, friendly, jolly, and give hugs to everyone he meets. He can tend to be shy and nervous around people, as well as occasionally cheeky and a bit short-tempered. However, he's much more often seen to be very polite and kind, always willing to brighten people's days. He's also seen as quite goofy and silly at times.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Original (left) and modified (right)

Marcus joined the fandom when he was 15 years old in May 2016. He's made many new friends since then and has gone to several conventions (only in the northeast US as of now due to money issues) and plans on going to many more around the US and possibly in Europe in future.

Marcus's fursuit was made by Kodimade[1] in November 2016. Its first public debut was at Anthro New England 2017 and continues to appear at certain conventions. While wearing the fursuit, Marcus speaks with a high, chipper, and happy voice which often tends to crack. His performance is often quite hyper and bouncy.

Fursuit Modifications[edit]

Marcus made a few alterations to his fursuit a little while after Anthro New England. The head had small eyelids made of red paper stuck underneath the pupils to give it a more jolly look. Later on, eyebrows made of fleece were also added. The body was always a loose fit on Marcus. Therefore, he now wraps polyfill around his arms and legs underneath the suit to give it padding.

Convention attendance[edit]

Marcus (Melvis) has attended:[1]


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