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Melkiah in Costume, made possible by Madefuryou.
"Melky" costume, debuted at Furry Fiesta 2011

Melkiah, also known as Melky, Melkiah Fox, and Melkiah Plasma on Second Life (born September 20, 1987 in Arlington, Texas, USA),[1] is an anthro artist. He also DJs Psychedelic trance, Progressive trance, and other forms of electronic music with his sidekick, DJ Psy.

Melkiah enjoys reading, playing video games on his computer, consoles, and PSP - two favorites are Final Fantasy and Ridge Racer.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Melkiah joined the furry fandom in California at the age of 17, and has attended small furmeets and furry conventions since then.

He creates art, particularly digital colouring and CGI animation through his Fur Affinity account. Melkiah often trades with people to draw his character.


Melkiah's fursona is a anthropomorphic black and blue fox.

Convention attendance[edit]


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