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Mela Ceroses (Born June 21, 1987) is an amateur furry artist and photographer who lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.[1]


Mela's fursona is a Black-faced Impala. He stand 5'7" tall (6'10" including his black-tipped horns), and weighs 140lbs. He typically walks digitigrade, has hazel eyes, and always wears a necklace with a pendant shaped like the majuscule Greek letter Omega. His personality is friendly and inquistive, but occasionally can be clueless and unreceptive towards what's happening around him. He has an interest in various mythologies, but has adopted Greek as his particular area of concentration. He thinks of himself as a musically-oriented being, frequently found listening to music of all types. He dabbles in vocal work and stringed instruments--able to play the violin, and hopes to study the guitar and/or lyre. Much like his feral counterparts, Mela is a fairly athletic individual and is always eager to take part in various sports or activities.[2]


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