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Melissa "MelSkunk" Drake, also know as Jabet (briefly Smith, born 1979), is a Canadian artist and writer.

Fandom involvement[edit]

MelSkunk has been a member of the fandom since 1995. She is currently semi-inactive in it artistically, but has been working on joint portfolios with other fans. She has also done some writing in the fandom, most notably in Fang, Claw & Steel. She was also a heavy contributor to and the Yerf newsgroups, and a member of Furthest North Crew.

MelSkunk has actively participated in several conventions. As well as having served in Anthrocon's security staff, she has hosted various tutorials in different artistic and literary areas at events such as at C-ACE and Feral!, and is occasionally asked to speak about fandom-related subjects at regular conventions.


Her fursona is a blue skunk with eyeglasses (which was at one point winged).

Convention attendance[edit]

  • Anthrocon - ?
  • C-ACE - ?
  • Feral! - ?

Did you know? MelSkunk is the designer behind WikiFur's official logo?

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