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Pawpet Megaplex 1 (2002)
Pawpet Megaplex 2 (2003)
Megaplex 3 (2004)
Megaplex 4 (2005)
Megaplex 5 (2006)
Megaplex 6 (2007)
Megaplex 7 (2008)
Megaplex 8 (2009)
Megaplex 9 (2010)
Megaplex 10 (2011)
Megaplex XI (2012)
Megaplex XII (2013)
Megaplex XIII (2014)

Megaplex staff
Megaplex guests of honor

Pawpet Megaplex 1 was a furry convention which took place from March 8 to 10, 2002 in Orlando, Florida at the Ramada Resort & Conference Center (now Legacy Grand Resort).

126 furs attended this first convention of the Megaplex series.

[edit] Origin

Pawpet Megaplex was created as a replacement for Furry Spring Break, which was unable to secure hotel space for a second convention after its debut in 2001. In its stead, Pawpet Live Experiences, Inc. was incorporated.

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