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Dawana Jackson, also known as Huskydoge (born July 3, 2002) is a female, bisexual furry artist and YouTuber.


Wolfpuro is mega tomnyan875.[clarify] She currently has 180 youtube subs.Her fursona is a blue ,white,black,furry wolfdog named snowy. currently she is in highschool but hopes to take college online. she's been bullied a lot in her life for being a female and furry/therian she sells art and does commission,free and pay for.My fursona is a blue and white husky/wolf with black hair, black gloves and blue ears.Her collar is green and sometimes she will wear blue with spikes. Her underside is white, and so is her tail tip. SHe's cute and cool looking but she's more of the friendly type, and loves to play around ,but pet or nuzzle! ~her main fursona design on furry4life.She also ran the kickstarted dog space with 20 backers.she is also bisexual with a anxiety disorder and depression but she is kind and friendly to others.

the mega tomnyan875 sage ends in 2018[clarify][edit]

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvPB_GWC2V_wXaUQZwC5Alw but in dec 14,2018 a hacker delete her channel losing all her subs so she was force to use a backup account which the furry fandom helped out by subbing to her.so far the best information we have is the hacker was living in the u.k. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDgxMtuj-vSFwsikwJ1AXeA (backup account)

The under uppertale saga[edit]

she is also super in to a undertale au comic named "Under Uppertale" the design is a anime like style and she would review new pages and talk to her fans before her account was taken down by the hacker.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i16z1Sd3y-o (archive video by her backup account)

Fandom involvement[edit]

Wolfpuro donates to Furry4Life and contributes to its wiki[citation needed] as well as doing commissions on FurAffinity and helping out at Virginia fursonacon every year.


Wolfpuro's fursona is a blue, white, and black wolfdog named Snowy.

The end?[edit]

on feb 26 2019 snowy closed all her furry accounts and told everyone in the sofurry chatroom she would be leaving the fandom committing suicide,its unknown if she actually did but no respond of actions have been taken as of that dated a user by the name FoxytheFemaleFoxy posted a blog about them crying and upset over the death of their fellow fur


this may prove she had actually did it but know info has been shared

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