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Meet The Feebles

Meet The Feebles (1989) is a black comedy film by director Peter Jackson. It features Jim Henson-esque puppets in a perverse comic satire. Like Henson's Muppets, the Feebles are animal-figured puppets (though some were people in suits) assembled together as members of a theater troupe. However, whereas Henson's Muppets characterize positivity, naïve folly, and innocence in humanity, the Feebles present negativity, vice, and other misanthropic characteristics.

Plot Summary:[edit]

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Meet the Feebles tells the story of the Feebles theatre troupe. They are a group of performers who, that night, are going on live network TV. If they're good enough, they'll get picked up for a syndicated network show and everyone will get rich. Scenes involving violence, sexually explicit images, drug dealing, back stabbing, date rape, and death (including a snuff film within the film) follow.

Character List[edit]

  • Heidi (hippo) - The star of the show. Severely bipolar. When upset, she overeats.
  • Bletch (walrus) - The boss. He runs the Feebles troupe, runs a porn business on the side and is mean as well. He's in a relationship with Heidi (this is never elaborated on), while in an adulterous relationship with Samatha.
  • Samantha (cat) - Bletch's mistress and is a prostitute.
  • Harry (rabbit) - Satyristic narrator who contracts "the big one", a fatal (and implictly sexually-transmitted) disease, but later finds out it's just "bunny pox."
  • Trevor (rat) - Bletch's enforcer. Directs pornography on the side.
  • Arthur (worm) - Stage manager. His appearance resembles a book worm.
  • Sidney (Sid) (elephant) - Animal trainer. Was once married to Sandy and wears a wife beater undershirt.
  • Sandy (chicken) - Has Sid's child out of wedlock. He denies it is his and for this, she is putting a paternity suit on him.
  • Seymour - The baby of Sidney and Sandy. He is a half elephant and half chicken hybrid.
  • Robert (Wobert) (hedgehog) - A new member of the troupe. He has no vices. He falls in love with Lucile.
  • Fly-in-the-sky (fly) - Stereotypical paparazzo bent on breaking Harry's story.
  • Sebastian (fox) - The homosexual stage director with a penchant for sodomy - including an entire song about it.
  • Wynyard (frog) - Addicted to "every barbituate known to man". He is a Vietnam veteran who gets flashbacks about the war and throws knives for the show.
  • Lucile (poodle) - Singer in the Feebles. Robert falls in love with her.
  • Barry (bulldog) - Bletch's driver and enforcer.
  • Cedric (hog) - Tries to double cross Bletch in a drug deal. He is also Scottish.
  • Mr. Big (whale) - Cedric's boss.
  • Madam Bovine (cow) - Heavily pierced cow who stars in Trevor's porn.
  • "The Masked Masochist" (cockroach) - Actor in Trevor's porn. Dies after Madam Bovine unknowingly sits on his face and suffocates him.
  • Dennis (anteater) - After the "Masked Masochist" dies, he is convinced by Trevor to take a part in the porn movie. It looks like semen drips from his nose and he has a penchant for sniffing panties. He dies after sniffing up bleach.
  • Louie (dog) - Sedric's side-kick.
  • Abi (human) - He is the only human character in the film or what seems to be. His nationality is Indian. Gets his head stuck in his rectum and when he pulls it out, a bed of nails crushes him.

The ending sees Heidi go on a shooting spree with a machine gun and killing most of the surviving members of the troupe. The ones that live go their separate ways in life.

Cultural Impact[edit]

The movie has become a cult classic, and has enjoyed great popularity since Jackson's success with The Lord of the Rings. During his acceptance speech at the 2004 Academy Awards, Peter Jackson mentioned the movie, noting that it had been "wisely overlooked by the Academy."


Money ran out during production, so the flashback to Vietnam was quietly filmed separately (with a different budget) as The Frogs of War. This scene includes a game of Russian roulette as a parody of The Deer Hunter.

Sebastian's Sodomy Song[edit]

Near the end of the film, Sebastian the fox sings a song illustrating his love of the act of sodomy. Music and lyrics are written by Danny Mulheron.