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Mattel's Meeko plush

The Meekometer (məˈkɒmɪtə), also known as a Meeko Unit, or simply Meeko, is a plushie unit of measurement used to calculate the relative size of a plush toy. One meekometer is roughly equal to 0.5 metric meters, or 20 standard inches.

  • Example: "This Lola Bunny plush doll is half a Meeko long" (approx. 25 cm/10 inches).


The term derives from the Mattel Inc.-produced Meeko plushie, from the character of the same name that appears in the 1995 Disney feature, Pocahontas. It is officially 36 inches, a Meekometer apparently excludes the length of the tail. [citation needed]

Did you know?: Collins Dictionary defines the mekometer (noun) as "a device that accurately measures distance by measuring the polarization of a reflected beam of light". Kern makes a brand of laser range-finder called the Mekometer (ME3000 and ME5000 models).

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