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A screenshot of Meaning of Wild taken on September 20th 2008.

Meaning of Wild is a play-by-post realistic wolf roleplay set on an isolated volcanic island. There are a number of pack territories, including Vorgees Lake, Chihua Canyon, and Hoboken Rails.

The header of the site reads as fallows:

"On the edges of the map, past the depictions of dragons and sea serpents there is open ocean.Hidden in this empty vastness is an island long forgotten by man.. The island was once populated by numbers people using it for mining metals, at that time small packs of native wolves populated the outer reaches. After the sudden appearance and eruption of the volcano that all changed. The explosion of dust sent the island's ecosystem into chaos, causing parts of it to become sweltering hot year round while other parts would be icy cold. The surviving humans left while the wolves spread out and repopulated the island. Soon enough the humans grew wary of returning and the island for rumors of vicious predators were spreading, as time past it was forgotten. The wolves had regained their control. But nothing lives forever and newcomers have found their way into the ranks of the old. Can they handle the responsibility, or will they fall prey to the elements?"

As of September 2008, Meaning of Wild has 29 members.[1]




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