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Mazz wants lunch, by Evol

Mazz (born 1984) is an amateur furry artist and a former administrator on Furtopia whose fursona is a mutant skunk.

Known for an extreme addiction to caffeine, she is rarely seen without some type of caffeinated beverage, usually coffee. Mazz's real life daughter is often portrayed by her mother as a grey tabby cat.


Mazz as depicted by Rob Panda

Mazz's former fursona is a fox-colored wolf named Hettie. Her almost-typical fox markings are cut short, with her front left sock being white instead of black and her big tail being the grey of a wolf. Her headfur consists of a purple mohawk with two random green streaks. She has shocking blue eyes.

Her new chosen species is a Mutant Skunk with the ability to shift size at will.

Mazz stands about 5'2 when at her normal height but she has the ability to get upwards and over 100 feet or as tiny as just a few inches tall. Mazz is a single mother of a tabby kitten named Angel. Mazz has the typical skunk markings. She's black furred with a white stripe going from her pink nose to the tip of her tail. Her stripe splits at her lower back and reconnects at the tip of her tail. Mazz is about 200 pounds when standing 5'2 and not at all skinny. One of her mutant traits is the green skin hidden under her black fur along with the ability to spit acid on command. The inside of her mouth and ears are also green. Mazz still has the same shocking blue eyes as Hettie. Her hair is purple, her bangs long reaching just past her chin the rest of her hair short and spikey. Mazz has 3 piercings in each ear the bottom of the 3 being gauged with a pink talon. Her septum (nose) is also pierced with a small semi circle hoop that can be with or without balls on the ends.

Neck what?[edit]

Mazz has a green scar on her neck that resembles a smile and under some circumstances this scar can actually smile. Starting off as a joke the "neck monster" has taken a life of its own. This scar really does turn into a mouth, equipped with tongue, teeth and pretty much a mind of it's own not at all controlled by Mazz. When the neck monster "awakens" Mazz's eyes will completely white out and a rampage with lots of death is inevitable.


Mazz's creator is the single mother of a 6-year-old girl and still a lover of coffee, but not to the extreme as her fursona. She's a full time college student who is studying to be a zookeeping technician and spends a lot of time drawing as well as playing with her daughter or going out with friends. Mazz loves drawing and will usually join in on LiveJournal community exchanges such as conbadges or the 100x100xchnge.

Adventures in fursuiting[edit]

Mazz has only worn her partial suit (head, hand- and foot-paws and tail) a few times in the past. She usually just wears her tail around when she goes out to local meets. She is still not sure if she'll ever have a full fursuit done.

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