Maze (artist)

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Maze, full MazeWolf, also known as MazeFolf or MazexWolf, is a gay furry artist who lives near the El Dorado area, Arkansas, USA.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Maze discovered the furry fandom thanks to YouTubers such as Odin Wolf, Fluke Husky, and FurryFoofi, who had a great influence on him and his life. He began meeting local furries in the fall of 2022 and commissioned digital art of his fursona, along with his own creative renditions of it.

Maze is saving up money to buy his first fursuit, as well as looking for a quality fursuit maker, and is preparing for his first furry convention.


Maze's fursona is a blue wolf/fox hybrid (or folf), distinguished by his orange hair, and green eyes, often seen wearing a harness or a collar, sometimes wearing multiple flannel shirts. During the Christmas season, he often wears a Santa hat and a sweater.