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MaxCoyote's fursona as drawn by the artist known as Marmalade Blue.

MaxCoyote is a furry who lives in the Northwestern United States.

In the mid to late 90's, Max was on YiffNet and attended Further Confusion 2009. After personal issues, he disappeared from the furry fandom between 2000 and 2004. During which he became an animate Japanese Anime fan.

Max is one of the veteran furries on the game Second Life, having started playing in late 2004. During his time on Second Life, Max was known by the alias of Maxine Zeno and Maxfield Mathys. He became close friends with the furry Tinintri. Together, they helped found the online club known as AnthroXtacy. In late 2008, Max left Second Life for good and concentrated his furry life on Fur Affinity. Max changed his fursona's name back to MaxCoyote and abandoned the fursona of Maxine Zeno for good. Max gave exclusive character rights of his ex-character Maxine Zeno to his friend Tinintri.

Since leaving AnthroXtacy, Max has spent his time getting to know others on Fur Affinity, as well as commissioning several artists on FA. To this day, he remains good friends with the majority of AnthroXtacy's founders and still takes part in some of it's decision making when it comes to out of Second Life activity.

He has commissioned several artists in his history with the furry fandom, more recent ones including eltonpot, Marmalade Blue, xpray and other well known artists and reportedly has plans to add more commissions to his repertoire. He also plans to start attending furry and anime conventions, to help make new friends within the fandom, beyond the internet.

Max now describes himself as: 'full time gamer otaku and part time Greymuzzle furry'.

Max is currently in a relationship with Kilwillae.

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