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Frazzle (aka Frazzy or Frazzy626, real name Matt Ulrey) is a fursuiter from Ohio. He owns three fursuits; Frazzle, Snazzles, and Stitch.


[edit] Frazzle

Frazzle is a Stitch, husky, and tiger hybrid. It is also known by some as an alien dog. The head is self-built and the body is made by Rose Quoll. The suit was the winner of the Fandom's Favorite Fursuit Fracas in 2007.

[edit] Snazzles

Snazzles at Morphicon 2007

Snazzles is a female counterpart of the Frazzles fursuit. Its design plays off of the curled antennae and, roughly, a similar color scheme to ex624 (Stitch's counterpart).

[edit] Stitch

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