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Maryland Furs (MD-Furs or MD Furs) is an activities-based furry group centered in the Baltimore area, but covers the entire state of Maryland. The group first appeared on Yahoo Groups with only a few members in 1999, but has since then has grown exponentially! The group hosts "Baltimore's First Furry Convention" Fur the 'More.


The group was founded by Kit Drago who was successful in bringing what was once a collection of fractured local and regional groups together to from a statewide furry group. Kit ran the entire group until April of 2018 when it was passed over to Sylox who has run the group since then.


Official Events[edit]

These events are under the direct operation/control

Unofficial Events[edit]

These are typically reoccurring events but are not official events under the operation/control of the Maryland Furs staff.

  • Milt's Gaming Meetup
  • Southern Maryland Furbowl
  • Fourstate furbowl(returnig soon)
  • Furwalk
  • Fur vs. Pho
  • Fourstate Art Meet
  • Korean BBQ Meet

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