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Mary Bellamy, also known as Zorilita, formerly as Zorichan, is a professional licensed illustrator, animation assistant, writer, and creator who also draws art of furry interest.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Her first published works were through Shanda Fantasy Arts as an inker, and later, as a writer and artist. She also was published through several anthologies with Radio Comix (Furrlough, Mangaphile, Hit the Beach and more), Antarctic Press (Gold Digger, Ninja High School Yearbook and Mangazine), and Gallery.

She currently works with IDW Publishing on the My Little Pony comic as an illustrator. She has created three memorable series: Faux Facts - The Truth Can Be Strange!, Ah Heck!! The Angel Chronicles, and Project L.A.M.B.. along with many short stories about Zorichan, Cthulhu, and monsters.

She has exhibited at Midwest Fur Fest (2000), Pacific Pony Con, Equestria LA, and Crystal Mountain Pony Con. She also exhibits every year at San Diego Comic-Con International.


Mary Bellamy's character, Zorichan, is a yellow and white fox-cat hybrid with neon pink/magenta hair sometimes worn in pigtails and other times worn down. She was originally drawn in a black dress and purple gloves and later grew to reflect a more casual attire and later became a more cartoonish chibi-styled character.

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