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Martin Canine is an Austrian furry blog artist, rapper, singer-songwriter, music producer, film critic and music critic that was born on August 22, 1996. His fursona is a dingo demon with an akita tail.

Role in the furry community and beliefs[edit]

Martin Canine joined the furry community at age 12 in a time of depression after having struggled with bullying for two years. He enjoyed the variety and individualism of the large community, as well as having imagined to be an animal since his early childhood and semi-therianthropic views, identifying more as his fursona than his real life human self. He regards his dingo fursona as the true appearance of his soul and not as a fictional character and refers to himself as Martin Canine. Due to him being a Lifestyler, he dislikes the term "fandom" when referring to furries. Despite having silently joined the furry community at a young age, he did not make it public until being 16 years old, having been too afraid of further bullying. He used his dingo fursona when having joined, a German social network for movie lovers, where he is still frequently active to this day. On this website he learned that people in German speaking territories are more furry friendly than in English speaking ones, which ultimately caused him to come out of the furry closet in front of his friends and family, which were all accepting. Even though having accounts on various furry themed websites, on which he also met his mate, his furry activities are usually outside of the furry community, him writing his blogs, film and music reviews as his dingo self.

Martin Canine is openly homosexual and mated to another furry lifestyler. Canine is a supporter of open relationships, a pacifist and liberal, as well as an atheist, even though he calls himself spiritual in some aspects.

Fursona information[edit]

Martin Canine is a dark brown furred anthropomorphic dingo with black scene-style hair that has 2 colored strands, usually in pink and teal, or silver. He has a puffy akita tail, red eyes and wears eyeliner. He usually wears black leather jackets or coats with spikes on them, black trousers and neon colored T-shirt, as well as matching boots and a belt, and a spiked neon green collar. When role playing, Martin Canine also has a demon and a feral form. In his demon form, his fur turns black and he has some magic abilities such as thought control and duplicating himself. His feral form looks like his regular form but in non-morphic, and omits clothes. Those forms are however not canon and are only used when role playing, when using a fictionalized version of his fursona (similar to celebrities portraying themselves in fictional movies or series).

Canine chose his fursona species after googling what canine breeds came closest to what he imagined himself to look like as an animal. He found out that a dingo looked just like what he thought of, except for the tail, which resembled an akita inu. Originally having referred to himself as a dingo/akita mix, he soon started to shorten it to simply being a dingo, since everything else on his body being full dingo.

His full fursona name is Martin Szandor Kelevra, with Martin Canine being his stage name. Martin is his real life name, Szandor being borrowed from Anton Szandor LaVey because of his fursona's demon descent, and Kelevra being named after Slevin Kelevra, the protagonist of one of his favorite movies, "Lucky Number Slevin", meaning “Bad Dog” in Yiddish.

Work as a blog artist and critic[edit]

Martin Canine has been registered on since 2012 and has since thrn released hundreds of movie reviews. He is known for his subjectivity and valuing every genre and target group the film world has to offer, as well as his excessive praise whenever he likes a film. When in 2015 the website introduced the new feature of members being able to create their own blog, Canine also started writing music album reviews on the blog, as well as several listings.


Currently,[when?] Martin Canine is working on his debut album which he will release through YouTube on an unknown date.


In 2016, Martin Canine opened up his YouTube channel containing podcasts in the German language about pop culture.

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