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Miko helping out at the Tai-Pan table

Mark Allen Davis, fan name Miko, is an author who writes anime fan fiction published on the web and furry fan fiction for the Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe fanzine. His fursona, when he admits to having one, is a raccoon.

Mark was the founder and publisher of an Elfquest fanzine (Lone Oak Holt) and published more than 25 issues in the 1980's. Subsequently he was part of the group of friends (all Elfquest fandom veterans) who formed the anthropomorphic science fiction fanzine/shared universe known as the Tai-Pan Literary & Arts Project. Mark has been one of the fanzine's associate editors since, and has had many stories (and a few pieces of art) published by the fanzine.

He has occasionally been a panelist at Conifur, and was a panelist at Midwest Furfest 2005.

Mark can also be found in Second Life playing the characters Mint Rainbow & Jalia Oz.

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