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Marcus Blue Wolf (usually known simply as Marcus; born 22 February 1997) is a British furry and fursuiter, who lives in England, United Kingdom. He is based in Bude, North Cornwall. [1]


Marcus's fursona is a blue anthropomorphic wolf with two personalities; "Marcus" being his friendly, affectionate and outgoing side, and "Markus" being his darker, more hostile and negative side.[2]

Joining the furry fandom[edit]

Marcus discovered the furry fandom in 2013 at the age of 16, after becoming connected online with furries through his interest in dragons, roleplaying and his defunct Facebook page dedicated to sharing dragon artwork. Until the summer of 2015, his activities were exclusively online, until he met his first fellow furry; PlymouthFurs organiser LupoWuff at the age of 18. Lupo introduced Marcus to artists such as JD Puppy and Nox, which led to him having his fursona created in December 2015, and took him to his first PlymouthFurs and BristolFurs meets. Marcus commissioned his first partial fursuit from another BristolFurs attendee named Bynx, which was completed and revealed in July 2016.[3]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Marcus occasionally attends PlymouthFurs and BristolFurs meets.

Convention attendance[edit]


Marcus has a keen interest in underground heavy metal music such as death metal, black metal, grindcore, thrash metal and more obscure genres such as brutal death metal. Marcus collects many CD and vinyl releases by artists of these genres.[4] Marcus is also able to perform harsh metal vocals such as the death growl, and other guttural vocals.


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