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Dayna U. (née Dayna Upston, also known as Marche, NailBunny, Kitsch and Jesus XD) is a female macabre/anthro artist and mangaka that discovered the furry fandom in 2005.

Artistic History[edit]

She has been quoted in saying that she had been drawing for as long as she could remember, with the styling of the cartoon tv show Pokemon being both her earliest art influence, and the medium that would cement her short-lived interest and study in anime art. She earned her earliest nickname, the dragon girl( No relation to The Dragon Girl), for her special interest for the scalie character Charizard, and her preference for "draconic" art, and later on, an interest that would soon give way a Manga-inspired style of Comic Book Art depicting mechanical animals of war.

Past Style[edit]

Dayna's style leaned towards the "Mecha" or mechanical animal-based Style, popularized in Japanese Manga and animation, and particularly in the style of the Japanese Anime; Zoids, which featured animal-themed war machines alongside humans in a sci-fi cartoon setting.

Art technique[edit]

Up until 2009 Her art medium consisted mainly of classic media (graphite pencils, pens, markers, Aquarel watercolor pencils, etc...) while trying to improve her fledging digital art skills. Most of the art created around and before this time was posted and viewable on Fur Affinity before it's deletion. Whilst still Currently fond of traditional media, the artist now prefers the digital method.


Marche was Dayna U.'s fursona, most popular and last ever created 'furry' character, a male Chinese white monkey based on Specter, a character from the anime game and series Ape Escape. Marche would often be depicted wearing a crimson eyepatch over his right eye, and red scarf around his neck. In early pictures, he can be seen with rainbow straps around his neck and tail, indicating his bisexuality.

Dayna U. intended to use him as the main antagonist for an unfinished manga project, Destoyle: Chimney ThirtySix, which only made stand into it's early design stages. Up until 2011, finished and unfinished pieces from this project (including a full-color front page")were viewable online.

= Furry fandom inactiviy[edit]

Dayna fell away from the furry fandom after 2 years of keen interest, and deleted a large portion of her online artwork despite it's popularity. The fandom is of no interest to her now, but she admits that the fandom brought her friends and fellow artists who helped to inspire in her developing years of creativity.

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