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Manitoba Furries is a regional social group located in the Manitoba, Canada area, and especially the city of Winnipeg.


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The group was originally called the Southern Manitoba Organization of Furs, or SMOF. There was a SMOF mailing list run by Atara. The group usually met at Mondragon, in Winnipeg.

By 2006, they were meeting at a Tavern United, and the group's numbers dwindled.

In 2007, meets were moved to City Place food court every two weeks, with additional gatherings from time to time. There was a large increase in the number of furries attending, until things petered out in 2008.

In 2009, Furgeta kicked off a new generation by throwing more furmeets at his house. By 2012, the group was large enough that the idea of hosting a con was discussed. It would take several years for members of the group to take the plunge and announce Central Canada Fur Camp in 2017.

A Telegram group for all the Manitoban furries was started in 2017, organized by Slade (Diablosscar). It reached 100 members in March 2018, and 150 in September 2018.

Usual Meets[edit]

  • Indoor pool during the winter
  • St. Patrick's Day at Furgeta's and Sybol's
  • Beach meets at Bird's Hill or Grand Beach in summer
  • Hallowe'en Meet
  • Holiday Potluck at Dronon's in November or December
  • New Year's Eve at Furgeta's and Sybol's


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