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Tac sitting awkwardly
MonsteRoo expressing his Attitude

Mangusu (born April 24th, 1989) is a fursuiter, fursuit maker, and furry artist who lives in Orlando, Florida, U.S.A. His fursona is a mongoose. Mangusu is most well known for his dancing feats. Amongst the fandom he is often titled as the Mongoose Prince. Mostly working in traditional media, Mangusu occasionally posts submissions to various art archives. Currently Mangusu is working on his own humorous comic strip entitled, "My Side of the Fandom." Mangusu has been noted for his sense of charisma and talent for embodying his own characters. He has run a few of his own panels including the entertaining, Furry Dating Game, (Originally titled: The Furry Mating Show). Mangusu has also DJ'ed at a convention dance and achieved much attention for his eccentric masquerade costume. He has also constructed a few fursuits, including:

  • Chopper, a reindeer from the anime series One Piece.
  • Daxter, an ottsel from the video game series Jak and Daxter.
  • Tac, a blue rockStar cat with soul-less eyes and amazing hair. Tac debuted at Furloween X in 2008 and is inspired by Gorillaz cartoon vocalist, 2D. Tac has trademark actions such as crawling in a spastic manner across convention carpets or bending over backwards. This character is often considered to be a zombie fur by his appearance and undead antics. The true story behind this behavior is that Tac's soul is unstable and is frequently possessed by free floating spirits. Tac is often mistaken for Mangusu's fursona. Much work has occurred over time on the construction of Tac as a suit. Currently Tac stands as a 3/4 partial fursuit and has had his head remodeled. The latest changes were first debuted on Mangusu's youtube videos.


At FWA 2009 Tac exhibited several dance performances including his first place winning performance at the 'Furries Got Talent' show.

Tac has also made an appearance on the Funday Pawpet Show as a subservient alongside Slyphox.

At Anthrocon 2009 Tac made two more performances. One well received dance performance at the Furry Masquerade entitled The Evolution of Furry dance which included several music tracks held in high notoriety by the furry fandom. Tac also took part in the fursuit dance competition dancing to "Me Against The Music" by Britney Spears and Madonna.

At Furry Weekend Atlanta 2010 Tac achieved 2nd place in the dance contest performing a tango-esque dance. 1st place went to Skroy He also performed a skit with Slyphox and Indi Jackal to the popular Weebl and Bob song, Amazing Horse.

Anthrocon 2010 Tac stunned the ballroom audience at the Masquerade by having his act as the Finale. Tac presented The History of Dance Part II and recieved a standing ovation. Tac also danced a Tecktonik inspired performance in the fursuit dance competition. However, to many's surprise, Tac received no placement in the top three.

Later in July Tac returned to the Funday Pawpet Show on July 19th along with the Debut of Zeke Husky.

Mangusu has recently announced that he wishes to cut back on Tac's appearances to conventions due to the suit's durability at stake.

  • MonsteRoo, MonsteRoo is an Energy Drink inspired Kangaroo. He is the Third official Sodaroo fursuit. The fursuit made its debut at Furry Weekend Atlanta 2011 after a year in the making as full suit constructed 95% by Mangusu then assisted by Surf Cat Studios on the Roo's judgmental facial expression. FWA's members were very responsive to MonsteRoo's demanding attitude. The kangaroo went on to win 1st place in both the Dance Competition and Talent Show.

Mangusu has recently made a new mongoose suit, which is his fursona, it has a mechanical wheel on the back and grey fur on it. The fursuit made its first debut at Confuzzled 2012 in Leicestershire, UK. It performed at the Confuzzled 2012 Sponsor Buffet at the Hinckley Island Hotel in Hinckley, UK. Then danced in the Confuzzled 2012 Fursuit Dance Competition.

Real life[edit]

Other happenings in his life are recorded as he frequently uses Live Journal to document his experiences. Currently he earns an income as a Team Captain of Merchandise at Universal Orlando's theme park resort. He has also performed as a professional scare actor for Halloween Horror Nights XX as a Fear Minion.

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