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Major Matt Mason is a human character created by Mitch Marmel. In the early days of furry fandom, a common fan fantasy was that of a human character finding (and having romantic relations with) an attractive member of a furry humanoid species. In the mid-1980s, Mitch decided to tweak the conventions a bit and introduce the Major, who had done this as well...

On the Galaxy Local 999 storyboard on The Electric Holt, the Major encountered Tali Hartoh-Mason, whom he had befriended when her shuttle had crashed (see 'Hits and Missus' on the TaliVisions Yahoo Group). Tali's first appearance was a bit outré for the time, as she was presented as being pregnant with the Major's children (this being said tweak, a subtle jab at the consequence-free sex being presented in furrydom at the time).

Below is the Major's character sheet from 1993.

  • Name: Matt Mason
  • Age: Early 30's
  • Organizational affiliation: Temporal Corps
  • Rank: Major
  • Planet of origin: Earth
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 215
  • Complexion: Caucasian
  • Hair: Brown w/neatly trimmed reddish-brown beard, mustache
  • Eyes: Hazel


Earth human; stocky build. Duty uniform is TempCorps grey jumpsuit w/ black beret, boots and web belt; armed with modified Walther P-38 in shoulder rig or belt holster and/or a variety of small arms.

Special abilities[edit]

Major Mason, although a longtime resident of an unstable reality level, does not share the natives' ability to shift between reality levels. Rather, he relies on mechanical means. The Major's duty vehicle, a modified aerodyne, is equipped with Burroughs-Libby ContinuaCraft mechanisms, a Maxoni-Cocini Drive, and a Thorens-P'wheet Probability Broach Drive. Over the years, the Major has acquired a number of specialized vehicles, including a Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle and a half-dozen surplus U. N. Space Force VF-1 Valkyrie mecha (these last are also retrofitted with the various time/space drives described above). These vehicles are located at the Major's residence/ warehouse near TempCorps Depot Three.


He is usually well prepared, with extra ammo, medicine, small tools, et cetera in belt pouches. Mechanically inclined; can fabricate equipment in the field provided suitable materials are present.

He is in fairly good physical condition; excellent powers of deduction; tends to be introspective rather than intuitive. Will take time to think things through except in urgent/life threatening situations.

The Major is currently one of TempCorps' best operatives. His experiences in a variety of timeframes and reality levels make him ideally suited for tracking down temporal anomalies and correcting them.

The Major is very gallant and he can be distracted by damsels in distress. This led to the Major marrying Lt. Commander Tali Hartoh approximately five years of lifespan ago.