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Majira in a Rolling Stones shirt and wearing sunglasses

Majira Strawberry (often shortened to simply Majira; born June 18, 1996), is a YouTuber and fursuiter who lives in Akron, Ohio, USA. He has 96,590 YouTube subscribers[1] and 2734 watchers on Fur Affinity as of October 4, 2017.[2] He is scheduled to be Guest of Honor at AquatiFur 2017 and Furlandia 2018.

Before becoming known as Majira, he was a wolf named Wolfrik.[3]


Majira's fursona is a red fox with purple and green tiger stripes on his thighs. His tail is colored red, purple, green, and black.[4] Majira was originally fully coyote before confusion about his species led him to become a coyote-fox hybrid. Majira strives for a look that is cute yet trendy.[5]

Majira's first fursuit was built by two makers. The body was built by Hindpaws, and the head by Lolo the Fox.[6] Majira sold this first fursuit[when?] to buy an upgraded version by Mischief Makers.


Majira became a regular YouTuber in 2015, with over 100 videos on his main channel as of July 2017. His content consists of skits, parodies, instructional videos, and collaborations related to the furry fandom. He also maintains a non-furry channel, Kyle Summers, where he uploads similar content unrelated to the fandom.


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