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Photograph of Majira in Majira 3.0 Fursuit

Majira Strawberry (often shortened to simply Majira and also known by his real name Kyle Summers; born June 18, 1996), is a YouTuber and fursuiter who was originally from Akron, Ohio, but moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA in Autumn 2018. He currently lives with Kiwi Fox.


Before Majira[edit]

Kyle first joined the Furry Fandom in 2010. Before becoming known as Majira in the fandom, his fursona was a wolf named Wolfrik.[1] Around 2013, however, Kyle retired using Wolfrik as his fursona in favor of his current and more recognizable fursona Majira Strawberry which he continues to use today.

Description and History of Majira[edit]

Majira's fursona is a red fox with purple and green tiger stripes on his thighs. His tail is colored red, purple, green, and black.[2]

Majira was originally fully coyote before confusion about his species led him to become a coyote-fox hybrid. Majira strives for a look that is cute yet trendy.[3] In the spring of 2018, he redesigned his fursona, giving him black paws with white toes and fingertips, and now with both of his irises green, and his ears fully purple on the front but red on the back.

His favorite foods are strawberries hence his fursona's last name and least favorite foods are cherries.


Majira Strawberry in his second fursuit at Anthrocon 2015.

Majira 1.0[edit]

Majira's first fursuit was built by two makers. The body was built by Hindpaws, and the head by Lolo the Fox.[4] Majira later sold it in January of 2015 to buy an upgraded version by Mischief Makers and a new camera. Although it is rarely ever mentioned by Majira anymore, some videos showing his first fursuit can still be accessible to view.

Majira 2.0/Twizzler[edit]

On June 25, 2015 Majira did a unboxing video on Majira 2.0.[5] It is considered to be one of the most iconic of Majira's fursuits according to fans. After unboxing and revealing his third fursuit, Majira noted in his video titled "Yes, I Have A New Fursuit. No, You Can't Have My Old One" that he would likely lend Majira 2.0 to friends of his at conventions, mentioning that if you see his old suit that it would likely be one of his friends including Kiwi Fox for example. He renamed his second fursuit to "Twizzler", a reference to the brand of licorice candies.

Majira 3.0[edit]

Due to redesigning his fursona in 2018, Majira bought a third fursuit, also made by Mischief Makers, but in digitigrade form as opposed to plantigrade like his second one. It also has interchangeable facial features to reflect his emotions during his videos. As mentioned earlier, Majira decided to keep Majira 2.0 aka "Twizzler" despite buying a third one. Majira unboxed Majira 3.0 on July 14, 2018.[6] This is Majira's current fursuit design as of January 2019. He also has a kigurumi counterpart to it, but wears it as a bodysuit whilst wearing his fursuit head.


Non-Furry Work[edit]

Kyle first joined YouTube on September 22, 2012 as a vlogging and skit channel unrelated to the furry fandom. Referred to as Kyle Summers, he uploads similar content on it as his furry channel. In addition to this channel, he also maintains a secondary non-furry channel called Kyle Winters, where he uploaded his completed school projects before he graduated. Despite his massive rise in popularity as a furry youtuber, Kyle does wish to revive Kyle Summers as a way to diversify his content.

As a Furry YouTuber[edit]

On June 4, 2014 Kyle started his furry channel but didn't pay much attention to it until January 9, 2015 when he uploaded his first video on the channel titled "Majira's Fox Transformation".[7] He currently has over 100 videos on it as of January 2019. His content consists of skits, parodies, instructional videos, and collaborations related to the furry fandom. As with his non-furry work, Majira maintains a secondary channel called Majira Peppermint, where he uploads various other content that relates to him as a furry, but is otherwise used in a "behind the scenes" format.

Majira has reached several milestones on both subscriber and view counts on his main furry channel. On January 3, 2017 he reached 50,000 subscribers. On October 28, 2017 he reached 100,000 subscribers and on December 28, 2018 he reached 200,000 subscribers. He currently has over 203,000 YouTube subscribers (as of January 2019) and 18,188,571 total views[8] He is generally known for being a leading figurehead to the Furry community on YouTube. He is also considered one of the most popular members of the furry fandom and is seen as a inspiration for both smaller furry youtubers as well as most other furries alike.


Majira was a Guest of Honor at AquatiFur 2017, and was also a guest at Furlandia 2018. He will also be a staff member at Aquatifur 2019.


Tide Pods Video[edit]

A video which featured Majira and Arrin the Wolf supposedly eating Tide Pods making "Forbidden Fruit Pizza",[clarify] which was originally uploaded on December 30, 2017 caused an outcry and raised safety concerns[by whom?] on whether or not the video was encouraging people in real life to eat detergent pods that look like candy.[citation needed] This was a part of a much bigger controversy revolving around a meme where people were challenged to eat Tide Pods and ended up dying from it.

The article was included in a Flayrah article seven days after the video was uploaded.[9] On January 12, 2018, the video was removed for violating YouTube's policy for harmful or dangerous content.[citation needed] After the controversial video was deleted, all Majira's videos were completely de-monetized.[clarify][citation needed] As of 2019, Majira got his ads back on the main channel and a YouTube safe version of the Tide Pods video can still be viewed on Majira Peppermint. [10]


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