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Bloodhound Omega (or short BHO) is an artist from Germany, born 11 March 1983. There is also an American artist named "Bloodhound". BHO's art usually strifes for a more realistic direction, but they also draw stylized and toony and generally involve influences and inspiration through others into their own pieces. They mostly prefer creature design, feral art as well as pieces that combine Science-Fiction and Fantasy elements.

The artist is mostly known to be represented by the black canine character of the same name.

Bloodhound was a contributor to

They also created art for various occasions for EuroFurence and MephitMiniCon.

Bloodhound Omega is creator of a canine species called "Bloodhounds" as well as the world of Ileyeah. They created two portfolios circling around this world by the names of "Art of Ileyeah I and II". In 2011 they published a small art book named "Miniature Art of Ileyeah" That featured 40-50 card sized drawings that act as a stylized bestiarum of Ileyeah.

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