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Maiza the Lion from Sunrise Muck. Artwork by Shahila.

Maiza (real name Nathan) is a MUCK roleplayer who was born in Texas on May 29, 1984. He is located at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, U.S.A. The origin of the character name is a Swahili word for mark of distinction, honor, or respect.

He currently has characters on several mucks he hosts on his domain, Meadows MUCK, and had characters on several other large animal-based MUCKs previously. As Friti, he is a wizard on After...MUCK.


Maiza the Marbled Cat. Artwork by Shahila.

Maiza first appeared as a character on the 'Net in early '99 on African Tails MUCK (which later became SunRise MUCK), prior to that he only existed in his creator's short stories - most of which remain unpublished. As a Lion, son of Sodawi, he served with little distinction while alive, though his player's other characters were more memorable. However during and after the character's passing Maiza served on the Help Staff of the MUCK until his player retired from active Administration across several MUCKs in early '05 due to school, work and other related real life events.

Subsequent to that, Maiza, as a Marbled Cat, is used as his creator's primary avatar and online alias. As of late 2006, Maiza began hosting MUCKs on his own equipment under the domain of

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