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All Fur Fun

All Fur Fun was a furry convention first held from Friday March 30 to Sunday April 1, 2007 at the Ridpath Hotel in Spokane, Washington, U.S.A. Blind Pig author Phil Geusz called the 110-person event "the best of both worlds", being both intimate and professionally run. Its chairman is Moorcat.

All Fur Fun arose after the permanent cancellation of Conifur Northwest. As part of the cancellation, Conifur Northwest donated various assets.

There were three AFFs (from 2007 to 2009). An AFF was planned for 2010, but was cancelled.

A proposed furry convention, SpokAnthro, is being planned to occur also in Spokane, Washington. (more...)

Minos surprises Mora with a kiss

Las Lindas is a webcomic created by Chalo in El Salvador, partially written and hosted by SoulKat in California, with assistance and additional writing by ID_Fox in Kentucky. This unlikely team has provided Las Lindas on a weekly update schedule with one full color page (recently upgraded to two) per week. Las Lindas began on 6 September 2004, and has continued through 85 comics.

Las Lindas is focused around a cow, Mora Linda, who has recently inherited her father's farm and homestead. In honor of her parent's passing, she decides that she must continue the family business of traditional farming on the now antiquated and dilapidated Las Lindas vegetable farm. Mora is strong-willed, blunt, and independent, but she is quickly overwhelmed by the work and is confronted with the challenge of building a team of workers to help her with the farm by non-traditional means. (more... - comic)

Upcoming events
Jan 9-13: Fangcon (AL)
Jan 11-13: Aquatifur (WI)
Jan 17-21: Further Confusion (CA)
Jan 18-20: Anthro Crossroads East (NC)
Feb 21-24: Furry Ski Weekend (CO)
Feb 22-24: Anthro New England (MA)
Feb 22-24: Fur Squared (WI)
Feb 27-Mar 3: NordicFuzzCon
Mar 1-3: Gateway Fur Meet (MO)
Mar 2-5: Furcamp (SP)
Mar 6-10: Gdakon
Mar 7-10: VancouFur (BC)
Mar 9: Furboliche (SP)
Mar 15-17: Furnal Equinox (ON)
Mar 15-17: Fur the 'More (VA)
Mar 28-31: Furry Fiesta (TX)
Mar 30-31: Camping paws
Apr 5-7: Pine Fur Con (ME)
Apr 12-14: Motor City Furry Con (MI)
Apr 25-30: Wild Nights (OK)
Apr 26-28: Atlantic City Fur Con (NJ)
May 7-11: WUFF
May 9-13: Furry Weekend Atlanta (GA)
May 16-19: Biggest Little Fur Con (NV)
May 24-26: AnthrOhio (OH)
May 24-26: Furlandia (OR)
May 24-28: ConFuzzled
May 31-Jun 2: FurDU (QLD)
Jun 6-10: Mephit Mini Con
Jun 8-9: FurryPinas
Jun 13-16 Fur-Eh! (AB)
Jul 4-7: Anthrocon (PA)
Jul 19-20: FurrySiesta (TX)
Jul 19-21: Anthro Weekend Utah (UT)
Jul 20-21: FurCan (PUE)
Jul 20-21: Itty Bitty Fur Con (AZ)
Jul 24-28: EAST
Jul 26-28: Harbour City Fur Con (NSW)
Aug 2-4: CanFURence (ON)
Aug 2-4: DenFur (CO)
Aug 9-11: Megaplex (FL)
Aug 14-18: Eurofurence
Aug 23-25: Brasil FurFest (SP)
Aug 30-Sep 1: Tails and Tornadoes Furcon (OK)
Sep 6-8: Furry Migration (MN)
Sep 27-30: Wild North
Oct 11-13: Confuror (GDL)
Oct 30-Nov 3: Golden Leaves Con
Nov 21-24: Anthro Northwest (WA)
Dec: 5-8: Midwest Furfest (IL)
2019 TBA
Jan 2019?: Rusfurence
Feb 2019?: ConFurgence (VIC)
Apr 2019?: Rose City Fursanity (TX)
May 2019?: Furstrike (RJ)
May 2019?: ZodiaCon
Jun 2019?: Furrymosa
Jun 2019?: CastleCon
Jun 2019?: Califur (CA)
Jun 2019?: CampFur (BC)
Jun 2019?: Kemono Square
Jul 2019?: Furtastic
Jul 2019?: ČeSFuR
Jul 2019?: FinFur Animus
Jul 2019?: South Afrifur
Jul 2019?: Lakeside Furs
Jul 2019?: Kerfluffle at village museum
Jul 2019?: LondonFurs Summer Weekender
Jul 2019?: Super Furry Fusion (SH)
Aug 2019?: Campfire Tails (OR)
Aug 2019?: Furry Summer Gathering (GD)
Aug 2019?: Furrydelphia (PA)
Aug 2019?: Wild Prairie Fur Con (MB)
Sep 2019?: Zampacon
Oct 2019?: Anthro SouthEast (TN)
Oct 2019?: AnthroExpo (OK)
Oct 2019: Furrnion
Oct 2019: FurryNight
Dec 2019?: Furvester
Dec 2019?: New Year's Furry Ball (DE)
Dec 2019?: LAFF New Years Eve (IL)

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