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Lion fursuit head made by MagpieBones.
MagpieBones LARP masks in action.

MagpieBones (aka Briana Barber, formerly known as Artsquish) is an artist and fursuit maker located in Denver, Colorado, USA.[1] She has cited her love of animation, 90s cartoons, the work of Alphonse Mucha, and comic book artists as inspirations for her costume making.[1] She attended college in the San Francisco Bay area and has experience in theater, costuming, and puppet making.[1] In addition, she is highly involved in her local LARP community.[1]

MagpieBones has been making fursuits since 2009[2]. Her fursuit work consists of realistic and semi-realistic partial fursuits, with a focus on active wear and character interaction.[3] She is best known for her use-your-own-eyes style masks, which incorporate the wearer's actual eyes and are meant to be combined with makeup for a more seamless and natural look.[4]

She also specializes in LARP sets, cosplay accessories, and fantasy creature costumes.

The singer Kesha has used masks made by MagpieBones in a televised New Year's Eve 2013 performance[5] and onstage during her 2013 Warrior Tour.[6]

A MagpieBones LARP mask also made an appearance in a commercial for the website [7]


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