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Magnus Streifengrauer is a male fursuiter from Callander in Stirlingshire, Scotland. He has multiple fursonas, two of which have been made into fursuits.


Magnus' main characters are:

  • Magnus Streifengrauer, a male flynx (a hybrid of fox and lynx). His fur is mostly a mixture of light brown and orange, and he has dark markings across his face and muzzle. His most distinctive features are that his right ear is grey and the left is black, while his right eye is a greyish colour and the left one green. His abdominals and torso are white while his arms, legs, and paws are black.
  • Hildegarde, a female lynx. She has mostly-grey and white markings with brown hair and green eyes, black markings on her ears, and wears a blue dress.


Magnus owns three fursuits: a partial and a full suit of his fursona Magnus by Noble Wolf (built in 2010), and a partial of his character Hildegarde by Huskymoo Creations.

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