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Magic Carpet #1

Magic Carpet (aka. Ride the Magic Carpet) was a comic book published from 1999 to 2000 by Shanda Fantasy Arts in the line of the old Donald Duck and Bugs Bunny holiday anthologies.

The all ages anthology featured stories, puzzles, pinups, games, and recipes. The only rule was that Quinn from Shanda would appear on each cover.

The sole ongoing story was Newt Nutria, written and drawn by Mike Curtis, based on a revised Donald Duck script by Curtis that was never purchased by Disney. Stellar talents appearing in the comic included Dan DeCarlo, Donna Barr, Robert and Margaret Carspecken, Mary Hanson Roberts, Shelley Pleger, Brock Hoagland, Roz Gibson, Kjartan Arnorsson, Shawntae Howard, Jeff Wood and many others.

Unfortunately, the series was unable to recover from low sales and was cancelled after the third issue. However, Shanda Fantasy Arts still hopes to revive it some day.

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