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MafunDi drawn by Tacimur

MafunDi (born 1984) is a brown feral Elvish lion who lives in Zurich, Switzerland, born and studied in Berlin, Germany. He is a working in system engineering and consulting in Zurich.

Through an ongoing fascination with Disney's The Lion King, MafunDi came in touch with the furry fandom in 2003 and has been involved in the organisation of various furry events ever since.

MafunDi's hobbies include electronics and programming. He also plays the piano and has an avid interest in light and sound programming. He played with the band Savannah Revolution at their concert during ConFuzzled 2013.

MafunDi has been known in Berlin for celebrating "Big cat birthday" parties together with AmurUssuri and Tabalon.

Pirate FurRadio[edit]

Pirate FurRadio: Online radio show moderated by MafunDi

MafunDi has been moderating his own online radio show, Pirate FurRadio, since 2004. The shows were accompanied by parties, either at his Berlin apartment or, since 2009, at Berlicon; some listeners have been known to gather for listener parties. The choice of music ranges from Heavy Metal to Pop and Electronica. Listeners are invited to call in or request songs. Since the move of him away from Berlin and the end of BerliCon, the show is on hold for an unknown amount of time.


MafunDi has attended Eurofurence 10-23, BerliCon 4-12, H-Con 1-3, Golden Leaves Con 1-8, CH-on 1 and 5 , ConFuzzled 2013 and 2014, Nordic Fuzzcon 2016 and 2018, Furnion 2018 and Mephit Mini Con 8-21.


MafunDi joined the staff of Eurofurence in 2008, as a member of the stage crew. In 2018 he is responsible for the DJs and Light programming.

Mephit Mini Con[edit]

From 2005 to 2009, he was responsible for organising the shuttle service at Germany's second-biggest convention, Mephit MiniCon. Since 2010, he has been leader of the public access crew, putting on the fur dance.


An active staff member of Berlin's furry convention Berlicon, he has been responsible for on-site technology, taking care of public access (for dances and live radio shows), wireless internet distribution and many other tasks related to technology and logistics. In 2014, he was the leader of Berlicon. During the final BerliCon in 2015 he basicly moved back to his old job there before the con discontinued.

Golden Leaves Con[edit]

Together with his mate Luxen and others, he co-founded Switzerland's second furry convention, Golden Leaves Con, which has taken place yearly since November 2010 in the swiss alps. He also developed the registration system for the convention.

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