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mAdius, as drawn by ScruffKerfluff

mAdius (full name: mAdius Horatio RAT; born August 4th) is a fursuiter and DJ from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He was introduced to furry in January of 2000. mAdius currently resides in Chicago, Illinois, United States, where he is Con Suite Director of Midwest FurFest. He is engaged to SpORK Styles.

mAdius' primary fursona, which shares his name, is a light brown lab rat with a brown fauxhawk. Somewhat cartoonish, the character's anthro height is roughly five inches tall, though the character has made appearances at "regular" height levels. The middle name of Horatio was offered by Drake Duck in response to his discovery that mAdius' middle initial of H had no particular meaning behind it.


Squeaky is a fursuit that is handled by mAdius. Created in conjuction with Arend Studios, Squeaky is an orange cartoon rat with a vibrant yet skiddish personality. He sports a fauxhawk and a green Hawaiian shirt. Squeaky enjoys caffeinated beverages, piggyback rides and dancing at conventions. The character made his debut at Further Confusion 2008. As of Elliott's Spring Gathering 2013, Squeaky is voiced by Emmy Award-winning voice actor Maurice LaMarche.[1]

In the Fandom's Favorite Fursuit Fracas, Squeaky made it to the Final 16 in 2008, to be defeated by Beetlecat's RedXIII. In 2010, he made it to the final eight, losing out to Kiro Neem's Flux.


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