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Mac O'Damia (full name: Macclesfield Michael O'Damia) is a fictional character on the Heat of the Night forum. His name is a pun on the macadamia nut.

As a character[edit]


Much of Mac O'Damia's past has been revealed through topics and posts made on Heat of the Night, and have been compiled here for the sake of convenience.

In Heat of the Night, Mac is a British red squirrel born in the fictional village of Knoxeter in Warwickshire, England (a pun on the real-life village of Wroxeter). Mac was born to an ordinary furson mother and a cartoon-character father named Asquith "Squiffy Squirrel" O'Damia. This cross-breeding led to Mac gaining the cartoony ability to pull out all manner of objects from the pith helmet he constantly wears.

Mac joined the army at a young age and fought in the Falklands War. He was attached to the 13th Hazelnutters, but was given an old Zulu War uniform due to budget problems. In 1992, Mac was shot in his right foot whilst serving in the Troubles in Ireland, and was forced to have it amputated and replaced with a prosthetic paw.

Afterwards, Mac was awarded a captaincy in the army, but his clumsiness led to his superiors giving him 50-years leave in the United States, thus giving Mac a pretence to enter the world of Heat of the Night.

Heat of the Night[edit]

In the stories on Heat of the Night, Mac initially served as the bungling soldier stereotype, babbling about military tactics despite constantly tripping up over himself. This personality changed into quiet eccentricity when Mac became a recurring character in Heat of the Night.

Mac fell in love with a pink-furred wolfess named Rachel R. Reaper (a character owned by Angelus Wolfen), who died whilst Mac was in hibernation. Her death had a tremendous effect on Mac, who changed from a cheerful, upbeat furson into a gloomy, miserable darkfurr, decking out his home like Castle Dracula and reading various gothic novels. However, this gloomy attitude was partially overturned with the blossoming relationship with Alex Rogan (another character owned by Angelus Wolfen), and the two later married after Alex underwent a sex-change operation.

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