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Miss Mab, © Amber Williams, 2005

Miss Mab, or just Mab, is a main character in Amber Williams' webcomic Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures (DMFA).

Mab is a very bright and friendly character. As a member of the Fae race, not only does she possesses quite potent magic, but sometimes exhibits a rather quirky personality. However, when the need arises, Mab is often the most level headed of all the characters of DMFA.


Mab originated back in 1998 as one of Amber's characters on Furcadia. One particular day Amber offered to make a Web Shrine to a person who found a song she had been searching for.

Another player by the name of Dan Ti'Fiona found the song and hence Amber made the shrine. As a small joke, Amber included the text "Coming soon: the Misadventures of Daniel Ti'Fiona, the comic!" to which the player Dan apparently took seriously.

Eventually Amber went through with this, creating DMFA or "Dan and Mab's Furcadian Adventures" starring both Mab and Dan. Mab has always been very closely entwined with DMFA and is probably one of the most recognizable characters from the series.

In the comic[edit]

Mab is a feline fae, a race of magical Creatures that is among the oldest in Furrae. A friend of Daniel Ti'Fiona, who she met when the former was just a child, she generally tends to stay around the tavern of Lost Lake and is frequently involved in the misadventures of the patrons thereof. She has a pet drake by the name of Pipclideous Dominiscus (or Pip for short), whom she got shortly after meeting Dan.

Originally from a Fae kingdom of considerable legend, Mab left under unknown circumstances, though hints have come forth that the departure was not a pleasant one. Though Dan knows Mab's reasons for leaving, few (if any) others do, and inquiries into the situation are largely discouraged.

Like all Fae, Mab's home is actually in an alternate dimension, but must be linked to a receptive object in this plane. While her home was previously linked to a magical glen, Mab later was forced to relocate her home's entrance to Dan's closet after the glen was destroyed in an explosion.

As a fae, Mab generally doesn't have to care about the events of the world all that much, leaving her to do whatever she wishes. This generally is exhibited in hugging things (Mab actually has a list of things to hug that she strives to complete, porcupines being one of the elusive ones on the list) and playing games.

Due to this, Mab may appear childish, ditzy, or even a little dimwitted (often due to her tendency to take things at the exact literal meaning). However, when necessary she can become less care-free. It's rare when Mab actually has to exert effort on things, as events seem to merely fall into place around her.

Always willing to go along on an adventure with her friends, Mab brings a cheerful and endless optimism to the group, happy to be around and bring happiness to her friends.


  • Queen Mab is a fairy queen in contemporary folklore.
  • Mab is the first three letters of Amber rearranged.
  • Mab has a deep-seated dislike of wearing shoes.
  • Miss Mab was originally striped black and white.[1]


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