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MNRVASEX.gif, originally an image introduced to the fandom on June 23, 1996,[1] and attributed for several years to furry artist Doug Winger, eventually pegged to the artist TDK.

As with other well known furry images, these were responsible for introducing many people to furry media, and the furry fandom in general.


MNRVASEX.gif features Warner Bros. characters Minerva Mink being loved by Wilford B. Wolf, while a dachshund named Newt looks over forlorn.


While images like XANADU.GIF and HOTTUB.GIF were mostly mostly distributed through BBSes and later on CD-Roms, MNRVASEX.gif was the first to be distributed originally through alt.binaries on USENET, and later the net proper itself, a faster medium to copy and distribute the media.

MNRVASEX.gif still appeared on numerous collected CDs, DVD-Rams, Zip Drives, and DVD-Roms. By 2010, USB flash drives and Blu-ray Discs would add or replace this collection formats.


TDK is believed by some to be one and the same as the erotic toon artist Eric W. Schwartz,[citation needed] and thus the true author of the piece, an assertion Schwartz has denied.[citation needed]


  1. Reading the rabbit: explorations in Warner Bros. animation By Kevin S. Sandler
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