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My Little Pony unicorn, Windy, from 1983.
This article is primarily about the My Little Pony franchise as a whole prior to 2010 autumn, see My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic for the "Fourth Generation" series.

My Little Pony is a toy line with associated television and DVD productions, made by Hasbro. My Little Ponies were first produced from 1982 to 1992. They were relaunched with a different look in 1997. The line was relaunched once again in 2003, and continues to the present; these ponies are distinctly modern but retain the style of the original eighties line.

The original My Little Ponies included unicorn and Pegasus ponies as well as the standard "earth ponies", along with a huge range of colors, symbols, and body-types. There were also larger, Clydesdale-style male ponies ("Big Brothers" in North America, "Mountain Boys" in Europe). The entirely-female modern line includes Pegasus ponies and, as of 2006, two unicorns.

My Little Ponies were already fairly popular among some members of the furry fandom prior to surge in popularity that resulted from the "Friendship Is Magic" series. Among the artists in this category are Frisket, HavocFox, Mayra Boyle, Tserisa, Whippetluv, and Doug Winger. Others make custom sculptures.[1]

My Little Pony MUSH ran from 2004 (with a long stretch of downtime) to 2005, and had a significant furry presence among its players.

My Little Pony original characters of note include:

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