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Mephit Furmeet 8 (a.k.a. MFM8) was held on September 3 to 6, 2004, at the Holiday Inn Select at Memphis International Airport in Memphis, Tennessee. The theme for 2004 was "Earn your Stripes!"


[edit] Convention records

According to the Anthropomorphic Fandom Convention Information Sheet, MFM8 had a total attendance of 570, though their website claims only 502. Other records broken include:

  • 112 sponsor and super sponsor badges issued
  • 70 fursuiters in the parade
  • 132 pizzas consumed on Saturday night
  • Over $15,000 raised for Tiger Haven, the convention charity

[edit] Guest of Honor

Mephit Furmeet
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Mephit Furmeet staff
Mephit Furmeet guests of honor

The guest of honor for 2004 was artist Rog Minotaur.

[edit] Annual T-shirt design contest

Jodi "J3T" Tong was the winner of the popular vote for the T-shirt front and would return in 2006 as the guest of honor.

The winner of the T-shirt back design, selected by convention director Tyger Cowboy, was Cirrel.

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