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Mississippi Anthropomorphics, most commonly referred to as MAP!, was a regional group of furries and non-furries, located in South Mississippi, who held an annual picnic at Kamper Park in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. The group is no longer active, and it's unknown exactly when the group disbanded. MAP! bears no relation to the modern state-wide Mississippi Anthropomorphics group, despite sharing the same name.


MAP!'s first picnic was held on August 5th, 2007 as a pre-meet for Mephit Fur Meet 11. Instead, the 14 furries and 1 human who attended this potluck picnic decided it should be held annually. On January 12-13th, 2008, MAP! held its first furmeet in Hattiesburg at the Richburg Community Center with around 30 people attending. The guests of honor were Kos Aldrus, the MAP! Public Relations director, and Savaaha D'Loren, one of Furtopia's administration.

Mission Statement[edit]

MAP! was South Mississippi's Hub City local furry group who hosted an annual summer picnic at Kamper Park in Hattiesburg. Their goal was to create a physical community that reflects the support and positive outlook on life throughout the furry fandom. All furries and non-furries alike were invited to their activities. All donations to MAP! were utilized, along with their private funding, to make their annual picnic and other furmeets become a reality.

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