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Dirk "Lynard" Lang is a German furry fan, a puppeteer at Eurofurence's pawpet show, and helpstaff and organizing member of the Mephit Mini Con.


Lynard is a shapeshifting character who is found on various MUCKs, such as Sociopolitical Ramifications, Tapestries, YIMU Island, and occasionally FurryMUCK. He is also on Second Life. His main shapes are a cat and a wolf but he can be sometimes seen in other forms.

Furdom activity[edit]

Lynard is an organizing member of the Mephit Mini Con, and responsible for its webpage. He is a puppeteer at the Eurofurence's pawpet show DoPE, playing Lionel the lion as well as some other side characters. He has helped at Eurofurence in many ways, including helpstaff, shuttles service, and security. He used to maintain the German Furry FAQ, drawing from the archives of, formerly assembled by Unci.

He joined the Fandom 1995 after he accidentally stumbled over while randomly drifting through the internet.

Real life[edit]

Lynard hugging a coffee can

Lynard earns his money as being a programmer for a local manufacturer, doing all sorts of reporting, data grooming, writing little tools, and being a general computer geek.

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