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Lychee is the online moniker used by an artist based in the north-west coast region of the U.S., currently in Seattle.

Previously known as Nativechan, then LycheeDragon, and now sometimes LycheeMonster, Lychee has been drawing for most of their life, and takes commissions online through their Fur Affinity page and over other forms of communication.

Lychee is expressively gender-fluid, can be categorized as genderless, genderqueer or queer, and has shown ambivalence to being recognized as any gender.


Lychee as a persona has evolved over the years, beginning as a form of red and gold dragon, often with blue accents. Stages with more canid-like features showing through have progressed until Lychee is less of a dragon and more of a terrestrial being. Currently, the main component of Lychee is heavily hyena influenced, lending to the current one-liner description of 'an undefined hyena monster'. Fangs and tusks often adorn the creature, as well as varying horn types. The appendages on Lychee are whatever they want to be, but usually fall into some recognizable structure. Rules do not apply.

The artist however has a few other characters that take turns as personas, or fall into roles for the creator as 'mini-personas', which are the red wolf, coyote, raccoon, crow, puma, goat, snake and white-tailed kite.


Lychee mostly interacts with furs through Fur Affinity, and rarely visits or contributes to Furocity or SoFurry.

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