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The Lutrai Isle, in Tapestries MUCK, is an area built by Chitter Nodrey. The theme for this is a Rym-style village, as designed originally by Ollie Canal, and made with permission from the original artist. This area is based of of Aquaphile Island, and is a public area. There is a teleport pattern in the village itself, but you must navigate there first to learn it(T #Learn).

The Lutrai Isle is meant for tribal-style play, mainly for the lutrai tribe on the muck- and it's largest event every year is a three-day celebration of life called Kitseve, again loosely based on Ollie Canal's works. During mid-october yearly, this RP Event spans an entire weekend, with a large gathering of players and their characters. The highest to date for this yearly event to attend was in the upper 200s. Chitter has been running this event for 9 years officially.

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