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LupineFox, or just Lupine and LupineFox Paz in Second Life,[1] is a fursuiter who lives in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, USA.


In real life LupineFox owned a small software company he founded as well as a DIY solar kit company. His hobbies include history, antiques, home repair, woodworking, and disc golf. LupineFox created the FURsvp (formerly online event manager, but has since[when?] passed it on to SkippyFox.

Fandom involvement[edit]

LupineFox has been involved in the furry fandom since 2005. He held monthly (or so) furmeets in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, USA. LupineFox hosted the New Years Furry Ball in 2007 as a follow up to smaller New Years' parties in previous years, leading it in two subsequent years as it grew from a two-suite party to a more comprehensive event. He was a Furfright hospitality staff member from 2009-2011 and usually volunteers unofficially at the Anthrocon art show.

LupineFox frequents Second Life where he runs a business selling scripted cigarettes and related items.


LupineFox's fursona is a fox with bluish-purple hair, typically wearing sleek sunglasses and smoking a cigarette.


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