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Lupin Wolfe (in full Lupin V. Wolfe; born October 2, 1986)[1] is a furry who resides in Stockholm, New Jersey, U.S.A.[1]

Physical description of character[edit]

The character of Lupin V. Wolfe is a red wolf. He stands about 6'6" tall, weighs approximately 210 lbs., and has dark blue eyes. He has a rusty red and gray fur base, cream/white markings around the face, brown fur on his tail-tip, pink flesh under white fur inside his ears, and deeper red and pink inside his muzzle. His character has a black nose, black lips, and black pawpads. His hindpaws are somewhat human shaped, but are otherwise furred and padded with claws. He has digitigrade legs and footpaws, feral, and muscular. While he prefers the masculine pronouns as used here, Lupin's character is a masculine hermaphrodite.

He wears a red short sleeved robe with no hood, which is outlined with midnight blue trim. It has no external pockets, and is tied at the waist with a midnight blue belt, with a few small leather pouches hanging from it. He wears navy blue/black long pants, stopping just above the ankles, somewhat resembling jeans. He has no headwear, no footwear, and no undershirt.


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