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Lunëwen, also known as "Luny" or "Lune" is a fantasy/wildlife artist who does some anthropomorphic art. She is most prominently known in the furry fandom as her alter ego homonym Lunëwen.

Luny, art by Lunewen
Luny, art by Lunewen

The Artist[edit]

S.Hains-Hellebout was born in Brittany.

Their character is a sort of purple moon cat, a spirit of the moon.

They started to draw on fanart lionking and moved to Deviantart to develop their own universe.

They's the author of "The Spirit of Ethil", an online graphic novel.

The Comic[edit]

The Spirit of Ethil is a graphic novel based on animist myths. The Earth is governed by giant spirit, related to the elements. Lunëwen is a little Ethilay, a spirit of the silver moon. Friend with Nairanà, a Tharèsay, spirit of the red moon, and with Wellow, a dog genie, they'll discover the world, the way it works and meet many other Spirits of the Nature.


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