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Luna's fursona.

Luna Chandraa Tsukario (born September 2 1992) is an owl hybrid furry artist who lives on Long Island, New York, U.S.A. In 2010, her fursona went under a major revamp and her species switched from a snow leopard to an owl.


At a young age, Luna had an affinity and love for animals. Her favorite movies as a child were The Land Before Time, All Dogs Go to Heaven, Balto, and The Lion King, and she usually took no interest in movies portraying human characters.


Luna began drawing when she was inspired by the popular anime show, Pokémon. Later on, she began to draw in online communities known as oekakis where her drawing skills expanded into a broad range of animals. She now resides on many art sites such as deviantART and Fur Affinity.

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