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Luna Miakoda (real name Ben), is a furry fan, that spends most of his time on a furry-fandom role-playing game called "Furcadia". Ben fancies himself as a very intellectual, and more so than others. Ben has been part of the furry-fandom for near four years now and role-plays in the game "Furcadia" near every day now.

The world of the "furry" started at a young age for him when his brother first introduced him to the role-playing game. It took a little getting used too, but in time Ben would evolve from a novice to an expert at the game. Taking his time, to learn every aspect of the game he could. From "dream" building, and "Dragonspeak" scripting language for "dream" building. "Furcadia" seems to be Ben's second life almost. Spending almost all of his extra time playing "Furcadia" with his "furry friends", he has forged and broken countless relationships within the game. It took some to get used to all the drama, and pain that seemed to travel through the undergrounds of "Furcadia", but after a short break and some good long days full of thought, Ben re-entered the world of "Furcadia".

Not only does he play "Furcadia" for hours, every day, but it has helped him come to terms with himself in his real life. It has helped him "find" himself, so to speak. Teaching him how to type faster, and spell as best as he can. Ben is always learning from his friends and his own personal mistakes. He seems to be very understanding of a lot of situations, no matter what it is. This is also something he had learned while his time playing "Furcadia" in the early years. No longer afraid to try new things, Ben experiments almost every day with strange, and exciting new things when it comes to role-playing his character, "Luna Miakoda".

Ben has created, lost, killed off, and retired several characters in his time, but only a good few stand out in his history. The stallion, and his first main and well-known character, "Odin Bloodhoof". The stallion was full of pride, and hatred for those less so to him, he was also a slaver. Ben learned much of what he knows today while role-playing this character. The total log-ins of Odin, reach over 500 times, in the time he has role-played that single character. The next well-known character in his chain of experimentation is the giant dragon known only as "Calix Calypso". The huge dragon was also full of pride and fancied himself an extremely powerful being, even thinking himself a god sometimes. Conducting several experiments with dangerous powers, the appearance of the dragon was always changing for the more intimidating look. The next, and most likely the last main character in Ben's legacy, is known in the form of a homosexual kitterwing, "Luna Miakoda". Luna is very care-free, friendly, happy almost all the time, and naive. He knows little about the world outside his homeland, and always like to learn and mess with strange and shiny objects.

About Ben[edit]

As mentioned above, Ben was introduced to the wonderful world of the furry, by his older brother, known as Joey Sparkz. His brother was introduced to it, buy his fiancé known as Skwerl. Both wonderful people, they helped Ben to get into the Furry Fandom around the start of his freshmen year of high-school. Learning the ways of the internet very fast, Ben found that he could get what he wants when he wanted it from the internet. All by having the right connections. From this point in his life, he starting getting friends in all the right places, and hoped to eventually find someone or something worth a great deal. Ben had no idea what he was in for. Through many years of hardship, he'd create friendships, and break them like they were nothing. Crush lives and dreams, all in the hopes of his own dreams coming true. Eventually, he found more then he could ever hope for, in the relationships found online, through his very passion, Furcadia. Ben hopes to one day, find someone he loves, and can grow with through this game. Find someone who shares his passions and fantasies. Find someone who cares and loves about it.

Ben cares about all his friends, and goes out of his way to make sure he can do all he can, to make them happy. Even if it means a little loss on his head. Ben is a long-term guy, and knows that whatever he does in the short-term, could have a very large, positive effect in his future.

Ben enjoys role-playing more then anything else in any game, and has role-played on anything and with anyone he can find. Wither it be MMORPG games, or games like Furcadia. Even Text-based games, he has found his passion for games in. Ben also has a strong passion for video games in general, and one-day hopes to create the "perfect" game if such a feat is even possible. A game that has no flaws, a game that is graphically enhanced beyond all others. A game that appeals to all forms of gamers these days. He believes that anything can be done, with the right connections, and he is always looking for chances to score big, and make his dreams come true.

Ben has never been afraid to speak his mind, at it has both cost him, and gained him very much in the past before. More gained, then lost some say.


FURCADIA is the magical world where the animals have learned to speak and walk upon two legs. Create your own customizable avatar and start exploring the friendly online game (MMOG) with rich player-driven content. Our established online community, grown over the years, has become a second home to tens of thousands of players. We invite you to an interactive experience unlike any other.

The furcadian web-site can be found Here

Luna Miakoda - The Character[edit]

Character Website

Long strands of silky black hair cascades down feminine form, complimented by streaks of purple meshing with black seduction that is his hair, only to halt mid-back, never growing any farther. Triangular ears sit atop the cranium, splitting the silky flow of hair from the head, like rocks splitting the soothing stream asunder for a short period. Beneath black bangs, hanging in front of his gaze glares at you a frightful spectacle that is solid purple eyes. Eyes that further compliment the color of his hair and fur. Eyes that have an eerie and alluring passion about them. Using them to gaze about your figure, in almost warning, but teasing nature. As if daring you to come closer, and warning you to stay away at the same time. Sprouting from slender back to either side of silken hair, are four elegant wings. Two larger, pointed skyward, with beautiful spots and markings on them. Colored like his fur and markings, black and purple. The smaller two, pointed slightly towards the earth, had the same kind of markings and coloring. They seemed as soft and as smooth as silk, yet as sturdy and tough as leather.

Form resembling that of a Canine heritage, and slightly more feminine and athletically than normal. Around his neck and partial amounts of his chest, is a larger amount of poofy fur, like it was acting as a shirt or scarf. More tufts of fur on each elbow, and around each foot, that was hoofed in the style more common to a goat. Two more tufts of black fur on each knee. Instead of hands, he had canine-like paws to use, with the same purple colored fur about each of his forearms, as if they were bracers. On each of his thighs, were purple markings. Those of an almost tribalistic nature. From his back, below his wings an aligned with his spine. Sprouts a long and fluffy canine-like tail. A tail which is easily the size of his body when stretched out. Usually keeping it curled or moving, since most of the time he flies instead of walks. Save for his markings and the occasional streaks of purple in his fur. The rest of his fur is a solid black.

Atop left triangular ear, was a simple decoration. Much like a piercing. It seemed to be a sapphire stud, fixed into his ear. As if it were a part of him. Seeming to shine, despite lack of proper lighting. In his wake, follows a very light purple, an almost fog-like substance created by the flutter of his wings. The substance sparkling as softly in the dark or in the light as well. So most knew where he was, or at least where he had been moments before.

Special Traits[edit]

Luna is an extremely unique creature in several ways. First of all, his body is always seeming to emit a very soothing warmth, no matter the location on his body. While Luna is not necessarily always warm like this, wither he is wet, cold, hot, or average, to others it always seems that soothing warmth can be felt just by touching him.

His fur, on that note, it seems unnaturally soft as well, like water woven into material. Something that rich people would pay a great deal to sleep on.

When flying, his beautiful wings appear as black and purple blurs on his back. As a result, a fine mist is seemingly created by his wings in his wake, when he hovers above the ground. He is also silent when flying, which in some cases is very good. The mist is actually millions of microscopic crystals that reflect the light and make it appear purple. Normally, they are clear crystals, but still microscopic in size, so no one really knows this yet. His wings are extremely delicate and can break with a medium amount of force. Causing the creature a great deal of pain for a very long time. They also do not function for a while, after getting wet. With wet wings, he can't fly. When they fold down to his back, when he sleeps, they do like that of a butterfly. Elegance and beauty manifested into physical form, no doubt.

His tail, just as warm and soft as the rest of him, is extremely long. The length of his body, and then some. That's five-plus feet of soft cuddly tail. It usually just hangs along when he flies or is resting on something when he is sitting or laying.

The creature also has the ability to shrink himself down to a very small size. No more than a few inches tall, rather than his regular five-foot even height. When tiny, he will whiz around the heads of friends mostly, and sit on their shoulders or head when he likes to. A very care-free creature indeed.

The last thing, and probably the most useful is the unique creatures cellular structure, and D.N.A coding. This causes his cells to rapidly regenerate when he sleeps. Only in effect when he sleeps, because his mind and the rest of his body slows down. Allowing the processing needs of his body to be put to use, in his regeneration cells, but only when he sleeps.

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